Fractional Shares: Get Your Slice of Tesla for Less

Fractional Shares: Get Your Slice of Tesla for Less by The Bold Profits Team

Here’s something you may not know: You can profit from stocks you may think are beyond your reach — like Tesla.


It’s called fractional share trading.

With it, you can lock in enormous gains by starting small and building your position in even the biggest America 2.0 stocks.

One of our readers commented on Paul’s YouTube channel to ask us about this Main Street strategy.

So, we asked our all-star researcher extraordinaire, Amber, to help explain how you can benefit from fractional trading.

She hopped on and recorded this special video for Bold Profits Daily readers to let you know exactly how to take advantage of buying and selling fractional shares of our favorite mega stocks:

Keep reading for some opportunities from the team on how you can put fractional buying to use!

The Best of Bold Profits

Here’s what the team found for you this week:

  • NASA + 3D Printing = Space Race Profits for You. America 2.0 will win us the space race. Why? Phenomenal technologies like 3D printing. NASA’s partnering with 3D-printing companies to innovate space-travel strategies and equipment.
  • Get the “America 2.0 ETF” With These 5 Buys. Since March 2, you’ve had the opportunity to get in on five buys that make up this super play. If you bought, AWESOME! In just four months, these plays are wiping the floor with the S&P 500 Index!
  • The Biggest High-Flying Cloud Stocks on the Nasdaq. You asked, so here it is! Amber’s found the best cloud stocks on the Nasdaq for America 2.0 profits. Now is the time, because the market is projected to reach $307 billion by 2026.
  • America 2.0’s “Living Tech” vs. Cancer: Invest Now. New-world DNA blood tests are creating faster ways to diagnose cancer and revolutionize medicine. These innovative tests are pushing the genetic testing market to $51 billion.
  • Why AAPL Is Still on Our Blacklist. Today, Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) hit new highs, but we’re still recommending it as a sell. You know AAPL has been on our Blacklist for some time, and today we’ll show you why it remains firmly in place.


Your Bold Profits Team

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